Keep TCP Sockets alive with MySqlConnection for connections to MySQL. Developers number one Connection Strings reference Knowledge Base Q & A forums About Contribute log in Keep TCP Sockets alive using MySqlConnection Nov 22, 2020 · After that we put the server into listen mode.5 here means that 5 connections are kept waiting if the server is busy and if a 6th socket trys to connect then the connection is refused. At last we make a while loop and start to accept all incoming connections and close those connections after a thank you message to all connected sockets.
Nov 19, 2017 · What you want is client.close(), the client keeps then alive for future connections. If you dont want to use the connection anymore in the near future you can destroy() it. I must say in my humble opinion the semantics are not that consistent in net.Socket .

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PKI Reimagined. DigiCert ONE is a modern, holistic approach to PKI management. Based on an advanced, container-based design, DigiCert ONE allows you to rapidly deploy in any environment, roll out new services in a fraction of the time, and manage users and devices across your organization at any scale.

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Feb 03, 2011 · // new socket var socket = new WebSocket('ws://'); // push a message after the connection is established. socket.onopen = function() { alert('connected'); }; // alerts message pushed from server socket.onmessage = function(msg) { alert(JSON.stringify(msg)); }; // alert close event socket.onclose = function() { alert('closed'); }; You have a problem with the Bluetooth connection to your hands-free? Every few minutes it's disconnecting and re-establishing? This could be a problem with the standby mode or WiFi interference of your Android. For these problems "Bluetooth Keepalive" can help you. NEW: A2DP Keepalive Support. Your A2DP speakers/receiver go to sleep when not playing music, but being connected? The next usage ...

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Sep 29, 2008 · I’ve tried in the onaccept event to close the socket just connected and it works, clients get disconnected, but server tcp component keeps creating sockets, they are not connected but they are grabin memory of course. So is there any way to connect, for instance, 3 clients and no more ? Thanks.

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Part 3: How to Unlock SIM Card for Rooted Android Phone . For new Android devices powered by Android 5.0 and later, you should root the phone first. Then connect the phone to computer and launch Android Data Recovery on the computer. Now click "Unlock", the phone will be unlocked in a few minutes. I need to keep a websocket alive for the entire life of an activity. This means that if the network goes away, I need to reconnect when it comes back; if the websocket server is restarted the app should keep trying to reconnect; if we switch from mobile to wifi we need to set the connection back up and so on.Feb 08, 2016 · Right-click on InternetSettings > New > DWORD. Name the new DWORD in the right pane as KeepAliveTimeout, and give it a value 120000 in Decimal. Exit the Registry Editor and restart Internet ...

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KEEP_ALIVE was added, so sockets will not be kept open forever. However, this depends on the KEEP_ALIVE configuration of the kernel, e.g. on Windows this is 2 hours ! So, the diff between KEEP_ALIVE OFF and ON on Windows is that in the first case, the socket will never be closed, while in the latter case, the socket will be closed after 2 hours ... Jan 04, 2012 · Plug the iPhone into your laptop with the USB sync cable and use the connection through that, instead of using WiFi or Bluetooth. This should keep the connection active for as long as your laptop is awake. It should also be the fastest in terms of throughput, and will also keep your iPhone charged without having to plug it in to an outlet.

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